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Generation 1
- DV Checking

In Gen 1, shininess was not defined, but the mechanics for shininess were. A Pokémon could be shiny if it had a specific set of IVs, then called DVs. They decided if a Pokémon could be shiny.

The chance was 1/8192, however, not all Pokémon could have a shiny IV spread. Thankfully, this was fixed in Gen 2.

Generation 2
- Soft Resetting

By soft resetting, you're generating a new encounter, in which the Pokémon you're hunting will have a different set of DVs. There is a 1/8192 chance that the Pokémon will be shiny, so soft reset away!

Those odds don't apply to the Red Gyarados, who will always be shiny and male. And we got something special for that red beauty.

- Random Encounters

Random encounters are very much like Soft Resetting, without the resetting part. You go to a route, cave, building or water path of your choosing and stay there, encountering Pokémon. The odds dictate that, eventually, you'll find a shiny Pokémon. The key word here is "eventually".

- Shiny Breeding

You got the Red Gyarados? Good, we're gonna Darwin the crap out of it.

Get the Red Gyarados and a female Pokemon in the same egg want to have as shiny, and stick them in the daycare.

The resulting egg will have a 1/64 chance of being a shiny. And imagine the web it casts. Gyarados is part of 2 Egg Groups, Water 2 and Dragon. You can breed it with an Ekans or Arbok to open up the Field Egg Group, the largest one.

From there, you can get a shiny Pikachu, and many others. There are 4 Egg Groups that can't be reached through this method: Mineral, Amorphous, Human-Like and Gender Unknown. For those 4 groups, you'll either need a shiny member of those groups, or if you're lucky, a shiny Ditto.

If you find a shiny Ditto, you're set.

Generation 3
- Soft Resetting

Essentially the same thing as Geneation 2, except for Pokémon Emerald. Emerald has a error in the game's code that limits shiny hunters in some aspects. You cannot Soft Reset for shinies. There are various complications to it, but luckily most of the otherwise soft reset Pokémon have a loophole. This is a guide on these loopholes, made by ShinyCollector98.

- Random Encounters

Works just like in Generation 2.

- Shiny Breeding

Same thing as Gen 2, but the odds are now a static 1/8192, as the factor that defines if a Pokémon is shiny is no longer their DVs (now called IVs), but their personality value, along with the Original Trainer's Trainer ID and Secret ID.

Generation 4
- Soft Resetting

Same thing as Generations 2 and 3.

- Random Encounters

Same thing as Generations 2 and 3, except when you're with another trainer. There are times where you will be accompanied by another trainer: Cheryl in Eterna Forest, Mira in Wayward Cave, Riley in Iron Island (he also gives the player a Riolu egg, which can be hunted through Soft Reset), and Buck in Stark Mountain. During these times, any Random Encounters found by the player will be Double Battles, so exercise extra caution during these battles.

- Poké Radar

Poké Radar is an amazing tool to help people find not only shinies but rarer Pokémon.

The odds of finding a Shiny Pokémon increase for every Pokémon successfully fainted or caught. It's a beautiful thing.

Only available in the Sinnoh games (Diamond, Pearl and Platinum) and in the Kalos games (X and Y), but more on that later.

- Masuda Method

Named after Junichi Masuda, the programmer who programmed it, this method increases the odds of hatching a shiny Pokémon significantly.

The regular odds are 1/8192, Masuda Method's are ~1/1638, which is 5 times higher. Masuda Method is achieved by breeding two Pokémon of different countries of origin and different languages. Also, Pokémon with different languages obtained in-game do not activate this method. See this link for details.

Generation 5
- Soft Resetting

Same thing as Generations 2, 3 and 4.

- Random Encounters

Same thing as Generations 2, 3 and 4. Dark tall grass initiates Double Battles, so exercise caution.

- Masuda Method

In Generation 5, the odds for Masuda Method were increased further, from 5 to 6 times. Meaning the chance of finding a shiny Pokémon in an egg is now ~1/1365, stackable with the Shiny Charm. Speaking of the Shiny Charm...

- Shiny Charm

Starting in Pokémon Black 2 and White 2, a new key item was presented, the Shiny Charm. It triples the odds of finding/hatching a Shiny Pokémon (from 1/8192 to 3/8192). That, combined with the Oval Charm, is a paradise for Shiny Breeders.

- Shiny Locks

Generation 5 also brought us the bane of shiny hunters everywhere: Shiny Locks. These are a way of preventing certain Pokémon from legally being shiny. They have their own page over on

Generation 6

Shiny hunting exploded with the release of Gen 6. The Shiny chance has been doubled by default (1/8192 to 1/4096), and X and Y brought us a few new ways to Shiny hunt...

- Soft Resetting

Same thing as Generations 2, 3, 4 and 5.

- Random Encounters

Same thing as Generations 2, 3, 4 and 5.

- Masuda Method

In Generation 6, due to the base Shiny rate having been doubled by default, Masuda Method is even better, it now provides a 1/683 Shiny odd which, when stacked with the Shiny Charm, becomes 1/512.

- Poké Radar

Poké Radar is back... and this time, it's personal...

It's so personal, that Game Freak decided to fully scramble the odds and make them messy. People found a formula to calculate the shiny odds based on the number of encounters the player had so far, and it was good, it was accurate and reliable. Not anymore.

At the time of writing, the Shiny Hunting Helper is the only website to have the accurate Gen6 Poké Radar shiny odds.

- Friend Safari

It allows players to catch Pokémon with at least 2 perfect IVs, and a unique chance of finding shiny Pokémon, 1/819, 5 times the base Shiny odds. It can stack with the Shiny Charm, going up to 1/585.

- Chain Fishing

This is the method that made me fall in love with Shiny Hunting.

A lot of people love a good fishing trip. There's something about the sea that calms them down, and washes away the worries of day-to-day life... And Game Freak decided to include that as a method.

Take any fishing rod you have in your bag, go to the water, DON'T MOVE A SINGLE INCH, and just fish to your heart's content. This is definitely one of the easiest methods out there...

Once you fish the first Pokémon, a chain begins. That chain goes up to 20, where it maxes out the odds of finding Shinies, at a whopping rate of 1/100, WITHOUT THE SHINY CHARM. It really is a blessing, and the beauty of this, you can run from the encounters, something that doesn't happen with DexNav. But we'll get to that.

- Horde Encounters

2 on 1 isn't fair. Neither is 5 on 1. But who give a crap about that when there's shinies involved?

Horde encounters are a special encounter mechanic that allows you to encounter 5 Pokémon at the same time. It's like Random Encounters on steroids. (PSA: Don't do drugs, kids. Winners don't need drugs.) It uses the shiny base rate of 1/4096, and can increase with the Shiny Charm. But still, it's 5 Pokémon in one encounter. And it serves another purpose, which we'll see in DexNav.

- DexNav

Hey, look. It's DexNav. The single most debated method ever in Pokémon games. Seriously, even after people went into the game's code and got the juice on how it works, there were people who claimed it had a fixed rate. Let's dig in, shall we?

DexNav is a long-game method. What do I mean by this? If you go on Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, open up the Pokédex and search for any Pokémon, you'll find that it has a thing that reads: "Times encountered". That also shows up on DexNav as "Search Level". That's the key point.

The Search Level is how many times you found a specific Pokémon. And the beauty of DexNav is that the more times you find a specific Pokémon, the more likely you are to find a shiny Pokémon of that species. The game uses a calculation depending on the Search Level and a random number. As you increase the Search Level, the more calculations it performs, meaning you'll be more likely to find a shiny.

It also uses a chain, but in this case, the chain is helpful in a different way. The chain doesn't change the chances of finding a shiny, unless it is the 50th or 100th Pokémon in that chain. That's why, after a while playing the games, you may not be able to look a Shiny Zigzagoon in the eye. Or the fur. Or anywhere.

It's a beautiful method that doesn't get the recognition it deserves.

Generation 7
- Soft Resetting

Same thing as Generations 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

- Random Encounters

Same thing as Generations 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

- Masuda Method

Same thing as Generation 6.

- SOS Chaining

Pokémon in Alola are said to be more in tune with Nature than the ones in the rest of the world.

The result is a battle where a Pokémon can call for help. These can be quite long, with Sun and Moon being already quite slow games. But the result is (most of the times) very rewarding.

In Sun and Moon, the benefits from the chain reset at 255 encounters, which does not happen in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. To counter this, SOS Pokémon will appear more easily in Sun and Moon. But that's what the Arenaline Orb is for.

The shiny odds for this method start increasing at 10 successful calls, and max out at 31. Along with a higher Shiny probability, the chance for perfect IVs and Hidden Abilities also increase.

- Ultra Warp Ride
Some Pokémon fans: "With SOS battles, Shiny hunting is just too easy. Seriously, GameFreak, you couldn't make it any easier, could you?"
GameFreak: "Hold my sake."
Some Pokémon fans, on Twitter

In reality, it wasn't like that (probably). But the truth is that Ultra Warp Ride has one of the most "broken" Shiny hunting methods out there. It has some really incredible odds, between 1% and 36%. This, in standard fraction form, translates to between 41/4096 (1/100) and 1475/4096 (1/2.78). Yeah, nearly 1 in 3 encounters will be shiny at max odds. However, the number of Pokémon that can be caught shiny using this method is relatively small, only 20 Pokémon can be shiny hunted this way, not counting Legendaries and Ultra Beasts.

Legendaries and Ultra Beasts use the same encounter mechanic as the regular Pokémon in this method, but their odds are always the base odds, 1/4096 without and 1/1365.3 with the Shiny Charm. Once the player has found a world with a Legendary or an Ultra Beast, they can save and perform Soft Resets.

- Catch Combos

Catch Combos are performed by catching multiple specimen of a specific species of a Pokémon. Doing so allows Shinies to appear, for some reason.

It uses the same Shiny odds as SOS chaining, but with another variable, Lure. Lure increases the encounter rate of wild Pokémon, while also increasing your Shiny odds for a while. Think of a Repel, but it's the opposite effect.

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